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Power and utility mobile app

Duke Energy mobile app

Mobile app concept for power and utility energy company serving customers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.

Problem space

Duke Energy customers could not access their power and utility consumption via mobile. Customers could not readily access to information during power outages, convenience to pay their monthly bill, or check their power consumption on a regular basis.

Background and process

Innovation workshops were conducted between EY advisory consultants and Duke Energy executives and identified key customer demographic segments. Customer data provided information necessary to create personas that matched three core customer segment groups. After user tasks were identified, I began research on mobile applications for other power and utility companies in surrounding states. Once research was gathered, myself and members of the team analyzed features, user interfaces and task flows from the various applications.

Next steps in the design process centered around creating wireframes and a task flow for the particular feature reflected in the personas scenario. Finally high fidelity visual design mockups and clickable prototype created in acrobat pro were created and once finalized, they were on display in Duke’s innovation workshop.


UX/UI design, Visual design, Strategy


Concept app was well received by Duke Energy executives and Advisory team. Digital product concepts were presented in a branded interactive space at Duke Energy headquarters. The next phase of EY"s engagement with Duke Energy was submitting a formal scope of work proposal to build the mobile app and other products.


Eric Perkins

29 Year Old Professional. 38 % of Duke Energy customers

Key characteristics

  • Middle-class
  • High digital savviness
  • Homeowner
  • Time-constrained professional


  • Competitive analysis
  • Persona development
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design


Eric's scenario

Eric has been with DUKE ENERGY for a few years and has always been a good customer. He is a family man, always on the go, either working, commuting, or playing with his kids. His smartphone is a necessity. He does everything on it, from scheduling his family events, to paying his bills and setting reminders.

Eric worked hard to buy a bigger house to accommodate his growing family. While riding the train to work, he decided to transfer his power service to his new home. He logged in to the DUKE ENERGY mobile app, and completed his transfer service request between two train stops. Within seconds, he received a request confirmation message and a notification that his current preferences, such as push notifications, would automatically be transferred to his new account.

Eric is particularly interested to learn about the new energy efficiency programs available for his new neighborhood. It would not only help him make his new home more energy efficient, but it will also help to protect the environment for his family.

With so many things on his plate, Eric had been juggling a lot with post-moving tasks and keeping up with work and unfortunately missed his first DUKE ENERGY payment for his new home. During his son’s soccer game, he received a text message from DUKE ENERGY, reminding him that his bill was past due. To his surprise, the message offered an option to pay the bill by asking if he’d like to use his previous payment method. He clicked ‘Approve’ and automatically received a payment confirmation via text and via email. In order to avoid late fees for past due bills, he decided to enroll in an auto payment with just 1-click via DUKE ENERGY mobile app. He was pleased to be able to solve his problems with ease, and was able get back to the game.



Prototype / Visual design