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LendStreet - Marketing service design flow

Direct marketing service design flow

Marketing campaign customer journey and service design flow.

Problem space

Even though the business and product team had a general understanding of touchpoints in the customer journey and loan origination process, many aspects still remained obscure. So, I took initiative in creating the initial service design flow draft and presented to the team for review and iterations.


My first responsibility was creating the initial service flow document in omnigraffle, and collaborating with head of product to flush out touchpoints and talk through potential friction points that might arise for the customer. Subsequent roles also involved producing task flows, wireframes and UI for credit counselors who would field incoming calls from customers..


Head of product, CTO, CEO, Designer


After discussions between business, development and product teams, we realized a few digital touchpoints that needed to be designed and developed:

  • “Embrace” landing page for mailer recipients who apply directly on the customer facing website

  • Mini CRM portal for credit counselors who handle incoming calls from mailer recipients

Service design flow - Draft

Service design flow - Final

Mini CRM partner portal

Customer service representatives needed to quickly look up customers that called in using the number on the marketing letter. Customer representatives also needed to talk through with the customer about the financial health, offer options for reduced monthly payments and most importantly, persuade customer into starting and completing an application.

Business drivers:

  • Convert prospective customers

  • Gather as much financial data from prospective customer

  • Test loan models developed by data scientist

UX drivers:

  • Ensure customer reps capture prospects data

  • Provide customer reps with clear path to starting an application with prospect

  • Increase the number of applications going into the system

UI screens:

  • Prospects search and contact history screen

  • Prospect details screen

Visual design